︎abstract narratives
︎can’t, won’t, don’t

︎man in cubicle
︎figurative arch_01
︎figurative arch_02
︎wormhole model

︎wherever you go
︎CHS model
︎timberline lodge



As an artist and a designer, I often find myself in juxtaposition. I enjoy being a conduit for culture and self-exploration while exploring future realms of space and function for others. My art practice attempts to bring out awareness, critical thought, self-exploration, and hopefully a meaningful conversation.

A lot of my interest comes from little interactions, memories, life experiences, and living in Western society amalgamated with concepts from my education. I am an avid shower-sitter and cloud watcher, perfectly content in my own world. My favorite thinking space is the bus ride to and from work, a sociological laboratory. I enjoy the small moments of feeling like I am a tourist in my own neighborhood.

As a dopamine craved personality type, I enjoy exploring many different mediums, processes, and technologies to create.  I often switch from analog pieces to digital, then move to 3d and then start the cycle over, never really feeling satiated with one  particular process. 

︎Portland, Oregon
︎ tuttle.designpdx@gmail.com
︎ @tuttle.design